Soft Toy Repairs

Many teddy bears and other furry creatures are the cherished possessions of family members, who wish to hand them on to future generations.  Repairs can take a few days or even a few months to finish.  It can often be difficult to find the right parts and materials for vintage items. The crumbed foam, wood wool and kapok types of stuffing used in old soft toys can make this work very messy and time-consuming. However, my priority is to repair toys for children as quickly as possible.


The images below show some ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples of my work. A photograph, sent to my email address, of the soft toy needing attention, can be most helpful when estimating the cost of a repair.


Dog: Before



This large dog’s condition had badly deteriorated over many years.


Dog: After


With gentle cleaning, damage mended, new eyes and nose, and a white ribbon, he was ready to attend his owner’s wedding as the ‘Best Man’.


Soft Bear: Before


Teddy was attacked by a dog. After repairing his muzzle and paw pads, and giving him new eyes and a nose, he was cleaned to remove any ‘doggie odour’ that may have remained.

Soft Bear: After

The cheerful expression on Teddy’s face shows how happy he is to be back to his old self.

Humpty Dumpty: Before

This vintage soft toy had been almost loved to death.

Humpty Dumpty: After

The fabric on his body and limbs was too worn to remain, but his hands, feet and pants were able to be used. His eyes, nose and mouth were placed so he would look much the same as he did in his youth.

Pink Teddy: Before

A child accidentally left Teddy in a paddock. When he was found again, a miniature horse had been playing with him in the mud.

Pink Teddy: After

Luckily Teddy was not damaged. A warm bath and new stuffing were all he needed to have him back to normal.

Zebra: Before

This little zebra was accidentally left in a park.  He was destroyed by a dog.  He arrived in my workroom in this condition.

Zebra: After

Luckily, her owner sent me a picture of her when she was new, otherwise I would never have been able to put her back together.


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